Series 1.0 - Project ONE

Series 1.0 - Project ONE

Ready to make history?

Let us get one thing clear - we would not have been here without you and the trust you have placed on us. We are extremely grateful for that and take great pride. This blog, besides giving you an update on the status of your P-1 production and other cool things keeping our team busy, is a note of gratitude for the love, support and patience you have shown us over time. Thank you!


2021 until now!

Since our very first public demo and official unveiling of P-1 in April of 2021, we have come a long way meeting many challenging milestones and achievements and we are so thankful of the continuous support we have received from you over this period.

From 6 major platform iterations, over 50,000 man hours of refinement from V1 until V6 until design freeze, in-house development of DC Fast charger, state-of-the-art connectivity, development of smart AC charger point for ALL EVs, nation's first 'World Manufacturer' status, regulatory approvals are some of the highlights in this relatively short period of time. We are incredibly grateful to our amazing team who made all of this possible while facing many challenges and constraints.

Finally, from February 2022, we have officially begun the commercial production of Series 1.0 parts and components which are done in-house. Besides these in-house parts, our shipment containers, after much delay and logistical issues, are on our way, finally! This is a heartfelt communication with you, Series 1.0 users, about our logistical situation, and timeline explanation to why we have been unable to bring our products quickly to you. This is not unique to Yatri as major manufacturers with decades of streamlined supply-chain are also facing similar delays. However, our issue is a mix of both current shipping line congestion around the world and our relative inexperience in supply-chain streamlining domain.

This is first time that Yatri, or any entity for that matter, is bringing in a full-container of Class-9 Dangerous Goods (DG), which is a classification of Lithium Ion Batteries, to Nepal. The regulations, certifications and logistical arrangement required compared to what we had been doing with sample cells and battery packs logistics, came out to be a different beast altogether.

After taking care of all the certifications and approvals, we finally managed to sail the vessel in late February and is scheduled to arrive our Birgunj dry port end of this month/first week of April. We expect assembly completion to begin from second week of April and start delivery ceremony from 3rd and 4th week of April.

We have tested patience of many first series users until now, and now, more than ever, require your support as we are almost there! ❤️

Meanwhile, here are some of the snapshots of the P-1 production happening at our Kathmandu facility that ranges from electrical department, electronics and vehicle software department and mechanical department.

P-1's wiring harness and IP rated connectors includes world-class automotive grade components and wires.
P-1's VCU is an onboard computer that is designed and made by our Embedded HW/SW engineers with industry leading specifications.
P-1's backbone is a twin-spar double cradle Chromoly steel chassis that gives our users a firm and dynamic ride.

Roadmap Ahead!

We are working to schedule Series 1.0 user to an exclusive factory tour towards the end of this month where users can meet the development team, get to see the full development process up close, network and meet fellow Series 1.0 special users.

Besides, we will use this event to finalize the purchase agreement and choose your payment terms. Payment options available to us at the moment is outlined below and full breakdown can be viewed in our website.

EMI Calculator is available here.


Your Yatri Account login credentials will be supplied and you can begin exploring the app and track real-time production status from your Yatri app itself:

  1. Chassis & VIN association;
  2. Chassis ready from paint and in queue;
  3. Chassis in assembly line;
  4. Assembly complete and P-1 in QC;
  5. P-1 ready to be collected

April 3rd week - Phase A 50+ AC points live

April 4th week - Series 1.0 P-1 delivery I begins


May 2nd week - Series 1.0 P-1 delivery II begins

May 3rd week - Phase B 150+ AC points live

May 3rd week - 50+ DC Fast Charger live (Kathmandu en route Pokhara - Chitwan - Butwal)

May 4th week - Series 2.0 P-1 delivery I begins


June 2nd week - 60+ DC Fast Charger live (Hetauda to Illam)

June 3rd week - 70+ DC Fast Charger live (BP Highway)

June 4th week - 80+ DC Fast Charger live (Nepalgunj to Dhangadi)


July 2nd week - 125+ DC Fast Charger live (Butwal - Tansen - Pokhara - Muktinath)


Yatri's DC Fast Charger (turquoise) and AC C-3PX Charger (black) network will cover over 2000 km and will be live before end of Q2 (June 2022).

Introducing Yatri C-3PX

Our vision to bring a paradigm shift in the overall mobility landscape means not just developing an inspiring electric vehicle but an entire ecosystem of sustainable products and services. As such, we have been working relentlessly to develop scalable charging infrastructure, seamless authentication and payment system to address the biggest barrier in switching to electric.

Yatri C-3PX - rapidly scalable AC charging points

Yatri C-3PX - rapidly scalable AC charging points
Scan. Pay. Charge! As simple as it could be. With Yatri's DC fast charger and C-3PX implemented throughout the nation, you can throw your range anxiety out of the window. Strategically placed DC Fast Charger supported by these AC points that roughly adds 1 km every 1.5 min will help us tackle the biggest EV adoption barrier.

Besides Yatri's exclusive DC Fast Charger that charges P-1 to 80% in 30 minutes, Yatri's C-3PX is a dedicated AC charging points that will be available in all major highway every 20km. Yes, you saw that right, EVERY 20KM!

In the near future, Yatri will open the C-3PX AC charger network to ALL the EV users, both two and four-wheelers. It is about time we work to strengthen our nation's independence from fossil fuel and protect our environment, together!

C-3PX User Interaction

Trip Overview

Use the Yatri app to get a bird's eye view your current location & final destination and possible routes with charging points.

Charger Status

After deciding on a possible route, check on the potential chargers you might want to use on your way and see its status.

Route Planning

With the app, you can know the estimated distance and drop in SOC of your P-1 to plan your trip with peace of mind.

Seamless Payment

Scan, Pay and Charge. Scan the QR code, then select the time you want to charge, pay the fees and then plug in the bike.

DC Fast Charger

User Interaction

Yatri DC Fast Charger is a premium service available exclusively to Yatri owners only. This service will be free to our first series users for lifetime.

From second series onward, the UX is not that different as the station will automatically authenticate the vehicle and check the user's Yatri balance and initiate the charge. All this happens seamlessly without any user input, you simply plug your bike. In case you run out of balance, there will be two courtesy charges on us before you top up your Yatri balance.


We hope you will appreciate our honesty and transparency that we want to establish. We certainly hope you will understand the situation of delay, especially the why, which has been largely out of our control. We are working tirelessly to start the deliveries as soon as possible and we are nearly there. Let's make this history, together! 🙌